Introduction to R Workshop

Master of Accountancy, Block 1


September 9, 2023

Photo by Blake Connally on Unsplash


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Course Description

We have started offering an introductory R workshop. Its main target group are Tilburg Master of Accountancy students. The workshop is a very short introduction, consisting of two sessions (1h:45min each). Its purpose is to introduce Master students with no previous programming experience to the R programming language—especially with an eye towards the Master file and courses, such as Data-Driven Decision-Making. But we hope everyone with an interest in learning R will find something useful here.

Example figure from course

Learning Goals

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Be able to perform basic data operations in R using the tidyverse dialect
  2. Be able to construct standard data visualizations using the {ggplot2} R package
  3. Be able to compute standard descriptive statistics